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Great Northern Spa is a unique setting for personal well-being and inner peace. Here you will find a spacious atmosphere where you can be yourself while exploring the many Aqua experiences. Experience a world of saunas, salt baths and steam baths, as well as a wellness department offering a wide range of treatments and experiences at the highest international level. The Great Northern Spa is also housing an inspiring Yoga Studio for serenity and reflection.
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Welcome to Great Northern Spa

Welcome to the Great Northern Spa! Exclusive relaxation in a warm and spacious environment. Here you will find the perfect setting for inner peace and relaxation. All stays and visits are based on our "Morning-, Mid-Day- and Night Spa" cycles, but you can combine our packages exactly as you want for that special experience that suits you best. You are always welcome to contact Great Northern Spa, where our Spa Guides will be ready to guide you towards the perfect day for you.
Monday - Sunday
Age limit
08:00 - 20:00
Min. 18 years


Experiences at Great Northern focuses on peace and well-being. That is why we have divided each day into three different cycles, so that there will never be more than 30 guests at a time. You will naturally find that there is plenty of space to linger in the surroundings and the view from your day bed and to, completely undisturbed, enjoy our various spa-experiences and treatments. Our Spa Guides are also available to help you with treatments and provide refreshments or a green menu during your visit with us.


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At Great Northern Spa, we offer a number of unique treatments that are not found anywhere else in Denmark. The focus is on calmness, rest, meditation and well-being and we have therefore equipped ourselves with both internationally recognized treatments and innovative equipment. Many of our treatments are offered in duo rooms, where you can enjoy the experience with your best friend or partner. Our Private Spa Suite is also ideal if you want to gather a group of friends for a luxurious spa day.



At the Great Northern Spa, we look holistically upon you and your well-being. That is why we offer yoga classes - alone or in groups - in connection with your spa experience. Enjoy fantastic views across the hills, where the grass doves in the wind and use the nature to gain peace in both body and mind. Our yoga studio is designed to blend in with the surrounding nature and to be a peaceful haven in a busy everyday life.


If you are in need of help regarding your booking, or seek answers to your questions, you are always welcome to contact our Spa Guides who are here to help and guide you with everything you need. Let us tailor the perfect day for you, for an unforgettable experience.

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