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Great Northern Academy

At the Great Northern Academy, you are warmly welcomed by a dedicated team of specialists and trainers, all deeply dedicated to their craft. A dedication that cannot be limited to their professionalism, but to create the framework for you to become the best version of yourself - both on and off the course.

Weekdays: 1 hour before first tee-time until 20.00
Weekends: 1 hour before first tee-time until 18.00

+45 33 33 77 11

Training & Focus

Aim - Length - Strategy
The lesson starts with a look at your stats or some tests to help us find the fastest path for you to fewer putts. After this, the lesson will change direction so we help you develop the part or parts of your putting that require the most attention. Finally, together we will make a plan for how you will work further with the process on your own, so we ensure progress.
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Short Game
Chipping - Bunkers - Strategy
Shortgame requires you to be able to adapt to the lie and the blow that is in front of you. Therefore, a lesson in shortgame with us is based on your stats or tests we perform together, to find the most important focus areas for you. Once we have found out which parts move you the most, we start training them and eventually you will be given a plan for how you can train them on your own.
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Long Game
Flight - Contact - Length
A lesson in the long game at the Great Northern Academy is based on the most important parts of your long game. The starting point differs from player to player, so we use the first part of the lesson to identify it. Once we have found an area of focus, we will train this part together, and as always make a plan for how you can train this on your own.
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Course Management
We believe that the strategy you use on the field, in all parts of the game, has a huge impact on how well you score. That's why we specialize in this part of the game. In a course lesson, or a regular lesson for that matter, you will learn simple rules - which can help you make the right decisions. You can easily improve as a golfer without changing your technique.
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With an ambition to provide the ultimate setting for golfers of all levels, Great Northern Academy welcomes you to a range of training facilities both indoor and outdoor. In addition, a wide selection of lessons and courses for the individual golfer, teams, and groups.


Short Game Area
Bunkers - Chipping - Putting
Great Northern Academy has a gorgeous shortgame area with two bunkers, a large green, run offs and challenging slopes on and around the green. The rough is cut at different heights so you can train exactly what you want. You can train every conceivable stroke within 40 m here.
Driving Range
State of the art tee-lines
Driving Range consists of 13 covered tees, along with tee-lines at both ends of the range so you can choose the wind direction. There is always free access to practice balls at the Academy - balls fly regular length and height.
TrackMan Simulator
A new adventure
Extend the golf season in our indoor TrackMan Simulator, which you will find in the Academy building. Here you can play famous courses from all over the world and the Great Northern Course is one of them.
Swing Studio
Analyse - Swing - Screening
In our indoor Swing Studio you can turn inside and out, so you can train regardless of wind and weather. Swing Studio is equipped with all the latest equipment and has i.a. TrackMan and cameras connected, so we can best help you adjust your turn and your desired ball flight.
Putting Studio
PuttView - Sam Putt Lab - TrackMan
Our Putting Studio is an indoor putting green with the latest technologies and techniques available to you, including PuttView, TrackMan and Sam Putt Lab. Puttview is an excellent tool to help you with greenreading. Sam Putt Lab measures everything the putter does in the stroke. TrackMan with accompanying video measures what the ball does and helps us adapt your technique. If you have challenges with your putting strip, this is where we start.


Golf is one of the world's most fascinating sports and a lifelong companion. The sport's fascinating universe is both alluring and challenging, but most of all, it is one of the few sports where everyone can play together regardless of level and experience.

Start your journey into the golf universe today and start sharing new memories


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