Morning Spa

08:00 - 11:00


Our “Morning ritual” is designed to wake up the body after a good nights sleep – and prepare your senses for a new day.

On arrival you will receive a specially developed guide for your morning.

By switching between hot and cold experiences in sauna, steam, water and cold, we will kickstart your system and stimulate both muscles, organs and skin. We use scents such as eucalyptus to stimulate your senses and remind you that every new morning is a fresh start.

Your morning ends at your own day bed, where you can follow an uplifting guided meditation, read or just relax and enjoy the stunning views across the surrounding nature.

You are welcome to book more than one period – e.g. “Morning and Mid day Spa”, “Mid Day and Evening Spa” or perhaps you want to go “all-in” with a full day at Great Northern Spa.

As a guest of the Great Northern Spa, you always have access to:

– A specially developed ritual for our three intervals (morning, mid day and evening).
– Access to all of our Aqua Spa facilities
– Herbal tea and iced water in our Spa Lounge
– Guided meditation in your headphones
– Guidance from our Spa Guides
– Towels, bathrobe and slippers
– Your own day bed


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Morning Spa
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